About us

The founder of Daan Beukes Attorneys, Mr. Daan Beukes, completed his B Proc Degree, at the University of South Africa in 1999 He started working at a reputable attorneys firm in Pretoria as an article clerk in his second year of studying at UNISA, where after he was admitted as an attorney in 2000 and continued his employment as a Professional Assistant. During 2005 he decided that he could provide a much better service to the public by offering his assistance on a more personal level and thus started his own Firm in October 2005. His goal was to establish a small firm for the public where they would not feel like a file reference, but where a personal relationship between the attorney and the client will be established. Mr. Beukes runs an efficient, ethical and very successful practice.


Over the years, Daan Beukes Attorneys grew into the prominent law firm that it is today and is based in Waverley in Pretoria. Mr. Beukes and his team offers effective solutions and are able to solve any legal problem in a cost effective manner. His legal team acts in a professional manner and strives to render professional services at all times. The firm consists of a team of experts in partnership with their clients, who are willing to listen and focus on each client’s unique need and see to the promotion of their clients’ interests.


The standards of professional excellence at Daan Beukes Attorneys ensure that their commitment extends beyond furnishing technically correct legal advice but also to uphold the highest standards of integrity and to exceed the expectations of their clients. They maintain their emphasis on fast, accurate and professional legal advice. The Firm has established good working and professional relationships with clients, members of the legal fraternity, the public sector and parastatals. By entrusting Daan Beukes Attorneys with your legal issues, you know you are in capable hands.


The appointment of proper legal representation is crucial to any matter, whether you are intending to be a party to litigation proceedings before a Court of Law or whether you are desirous of buying or selling property. It is important to know and understand the procedures employed by your attorney in executing your instructions. You should be informed from the outset what plan of action is necessary for a particular matter and how your attorney will go about to protect your interests and furthering same within the framework set by the Law.


Give Daan Beukes Attorneys a call if you want to be your attorney’s number one priority.

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